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AC repair Services in Dwarka

Air Conditioners

Kiwiline is the leading AC repair and service provider for different AC brands in Dwarka.

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AC Installation services in Dwarka


We provide superior quality services including installation, maintaining and repairing of refrigerators.

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AC Services in Dwarka More

Deep Freezers

We have qualified technicians who are experts in helping you with issues related to fridges in very professional manners.

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AC Services in Janakpuri


We present doorstep geyser repairing and installation services in Dwarka, Delhi.

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AC Service in Uttam Nagar

Washing Machines

We present washing machine installation, repairing and maintaining at a very economical rate.

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AC Services Vikaspuri

RO & Water Purifiers

We present installation, repair, and annual maintenance services packages for your RO

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AC repair services installation in Dwarka

Water Dispensers

Kiwiline engineers are well versed in providing effective water dispenser repairing assistance in Dwarka, Delhi.

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Best AC repair services in Dwarka

Microwave Ovens

We offer fully personalized and guaranteed installation, servicing and maintenance facilities at the very competitive price range.

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AC repair services near me Dwarka

Kitchen Chimneys

We provides the best quality installation, repair and cleaning services for various type of kitchen chimneys.

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best cheap AC repair services in Dwarka


At Kiwiline, we are engaged in offering superior quality repair services for LED/LCD/TV.

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best low prices AC repair services installation in Dwarka

Electical & Service

Kiwiline is a well-reputed service contractor company engaged in offering world-class electrical system solution provider.

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no.1 AC repair services near me

Other Home Appliances

. We provide world-class, prompt and genuine repairing and servicing facilities in very pocket-friendly pricing.

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AC Repair Services in Dwarka, New Delhi

We at Kiwiline Engineers offer AC repair and maintenance services in Dwarka and adjoining areas. Our company Engineers is a leading provider of excellent services related to the installation, repair and maintenance of all essential home appliances which are an integral part of our life today. We offer all these services for the following home appliances:

Competent Management Team: Our qualified and experienced team of service engineers makes us a reliable company in home appliances’ maintenance and repair services. By providing excellent onsite services in a very short duration, our team ensures you continue to enjoy the ease of living offered by your home appliances.

Kiwiline Engineers is run by a highly competent management team. Under the valuable guidance of our highly professional and experienced Directors, we have emerged as a competitive player in home appliance services. We offer top-class services at such rates that suit your pocket. Our motto is – “No Compromise on Quality” due to which our list of satisfied clients has been growing all the time.

AC Installation, Services, Maintenance: Kiwiline Engineers are capable of installing and servicing any type of AC—Window AC, split AC and packaged AC—of all national and international brands. They are equipped with all types of gadgets that are needed for AC installation. While installing an AC, they carefully plan the position and direction of the AC so it maintains its efficiency.

We have solutions for all the problems that your AC may face. We offer unmatched AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for AC. Once you opt for our AMC, you need not worry about your AC at all. Our support engineers do regular AC maintenance servicing under AMC. We also handle off warranty repair.

Refrigerator Servicing: We repair and maintain all types of refrigerators, like single door refrigerator, double door refrigerator, top freezer, bottom freezer, side-by-side fridge, French Door fridge, counter depth fridge, compact fridges, and freezerless refrigerator. Our service engineers specialize in offering quick and durable solutions for all common problems of refrigerators like (a) non-chilling of the freezer compartment; (b) warming up or low cooling of fresh food area; (c) increased amount of frost in the freezer; (d) formation of ice sheet in the freezer compartment; (e) light or bulb mechanism not working; or any other problem.

Washing Machine Servicing: Kiwiline Engineers offer specialized washing machine repair services. We skillfully handle the repair of front load washing machine and top load washing machine. We offer faster solutions to common problems of washing machines like (a) the machine making a loud noise; (b) the washer not agitating; (c) water leaking from the washer; (d) slow filling of the washer; (e) blocked draining of the washer; (f) washing machine vibrating or shaking a lot, etc.

Geyser Servicing: We have a special team dealing with the servicing of different types of geysers including tank type water geyser and tankless water geyser. Our team troubleshoots all problems faced by geysers like (a) water leaking or dripping of geyser overflow; (b) faulty thermostat overheating the geyser and causing steam escape through overflow; (c) leakage of water through the ceiling; (d) water not heating or insufficient heating due to geyser circuit break; (e) low hot water pressure and other problems.

RO Water Purifier Servicing: Kiwiline Engineers look after all types of water purifiers like gravity-based water purifier, RO water purifier, UV water purifier, multi-stage water purifier, universal water purifier, etc. We undertake installation and repair of water purifiers. We fix all problems faced by RO water purifiers like (a) non-working of RO purifier; (b) low water flow; (c) bad taste or bad odour of water; (d) water leaking; (e) vibration in the RO water purifier, etc.

Microwave Oven Servicing: Microwave oven repairing is another area of expertise of Kiwiline Engineers. We service all types of microwaves oven used in the kitchen like solo microwave oven, grill microwave oven and convection microwave oven. We troubleshoot all the common problems of microwave ovens like (a) non-heating of the microwave oven; (b) non-spinning of the oven plates; (c) eruption of sparking inside the oven; (d) running and stopping of the oven; (e) non-working of the oven button; (f) the bulb not lighting during the oven operation, etc.

Chimney Servicing: Chimneys available in the market can be classified into two types on the basis of the process of their installation. These two types are: (a) ducting or extracting; (b) recycling or ductless. Our service engineers are expert in servicing both types of chimneys and providing solutions to all their problems like (a) the chimney making too much noise; (b) a section of the chimney is not working; (c) the chimney fan not rotating fast; (d) the electric chimney not running, etc.

Deep Freezer Servicing: Deep freezers come in different sizes and they are named accordingly as chest freezers, drawer freezers, upright freezers and portable freezers. All these types of deep freezers are repaired and serviced by Kiwiline Engineers. Our service engineers specialize in handling all common problems of deep freezers, like (a) non-working the freezer; (b) freezing problem; (c) formation of a lot of frost inside the freezer; and (d) the freezer running continuously.

Dishwasher Servicing: We service for all types of dishwashers like compact dishdrawer dishwasher, versatile freestanding dishwasher, fully or semi-integrated built-in dishwasher, hidden fully integrated dishwasher, perfect fit semi-integrated dishwasher, slimline, small and compact dishwasher, countertop, benchtop and portable dishwasher. Our service engineers fix all dishwasher problems like (a) dishwasher not cleaning well: white/cloudy glasses and spotty dishes coming out of it; (b) dishes not properly dried; (c) detergent not being used in the dishwasher; (d) very long wash cycle or the wash cycle not completing, (e) non-starting or non-draining of the dishwasher; (f) racks not coming out; (g) the dishwasher door not latching; (h) leaking, noisy, bad smelling, or cracked dishwasher; and (i) required water not filling.

Kiwiline Engineers’ AC services in Dwarka  provide long-term end-to-end solutions. We don’t go for superficial quick fixes for the problems plaguing the performance of your sophisticated equipment. If a major repair is warranted, we would be happy to provide suitable suggestions for the same instead of offering cheap, short-term repair solutions. We are also committed to providing cost-effective solutions for the services rendered by us.

Give us a chance to enable you to realize the advantages of our cost-effective quality services. The impressive list our satisfied clients is a testimony of our success as a competent service provider in the field of home appliances. You can give us call anytime as we are available to serve you at your convenience 24×7 in Dwarka and adjoining areas.

About Us

Kiwiline Engineers Company is a group of expert professionals who are excellent in repairing and service of electric and electronic items. We are the team of expert technicians who have more than over five years’ experience and ready to serve you at your location. Since our inception, we are experts in offering installation, repair and maintenance services at the very competitive price. We deal with about all over electric and electronic devices like Air Conditioner, Fridge, Washing Machine, Geyser, RO Repair, Microwave Repair, Deep Fridge, Dishwasher, and other home appliances.